Prospect League Baseball-Jamestown Is In!

imageJAMESTOWN-Russell Diethrick Park will host high level college baseball next season with a team in the Prospect League.

Details came at 2 p.m. Thursday with Mayor Sam Teresi making the call at home plate. Teresi thus made good on his hint that the question of baseball at Diethrick might go “to extra innings” when he commented on the loss of the city’s NY-P franchise two months ago.

More than 175 major league players started in the league which has teams in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and now New York.

Like the NY-P League the Prospect has a short 60-game schedule. There are two divisions: East and West. Jamestown will be in the East.

Sports Director Matt Hummel will have a feature article on this development upcoming.



Astorino Close In Central NY

SYRACUSE-Just 4 percentage points separate Rob Astorino from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in central New York, according to poll results Tuesday.

Cuomo polled at 43 per cent, Republican Astorino 39 per cent, with the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins,garnering 13 per cent in the survey conducted by Siena College and Details are available at that site.

Aquinas Out Of Playoffs-Sect V Ruling

ROCHESTER-Defending NY state high school football champ Aquinas Institute of Rochester is out of the playoff chase as of Tuesday when Sect V ruled the team used an ineligible player Saturday, and thus must forfeit its 37-20 victory against Pittsford.

Sect V ruled the defending state champs used a player who was not eligible to participate in at least three regular season games, and who was therefore not eligible to take the field in a playoff contest. Apparently the player was QB Jake Zembiec, a stand-out junior, according to The Buffalo News which also reported:

Ed Stores, the Section V Executive Director for the past 17 years, said “This is certainly an unfortunate situation, however Section V is charged with enforcing the rules and regulations which are voted upon and approved by the membership. The representation rule is clear that a student must be an eligible participant for three regular season football games in order to play in the postseason.”

Meanwhile the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports the following from a Tuesday afternoon media conference at Aquinas:

“We’re devastated. We did nothing wrong,” Aquinas president Michael Daley said. “We followed the guidance prescribed to us by the chairman of Section V football (former Aquinas athletic director, Dick Cerone). We asked him in early October what the clearance procedure was for an injured athlete returning.”

One Ebola Patient Empties ICU

From CBS, New York: notes this as an example of how just a few Ebola cases could overwhelm hospital staffs because patients require intensive nursing and ancillary care.

NEW YORK — Bellevue Hospital Center has been forced to transport its intensive care unit patients two blocks north to NYU Langone Medical Center, as the staff at the Bellevue ICU are consumed with Ebola care.

NYU Langone accepted two adult patients over the weekend from the Bellevue ICU, and was expecting to take two more pediatric ICU patients later Monday. The hospitals campuses are located about two blocks apart on the East Side of Manhattan.

“These recent transfers will help alleviate some of the demand on Bellevue’s critical care staff as they focus on current patient care issues,” the hospitals said in a joint statement.

Ian Michaels of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation emphasized that the issue was one of staffing.

“It’s not to free up space. It’s to free up staff,” Michaels told CBS 2. “All the staff working with the Ebola patient are from the ICU.”

New York City’s first confirmed Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer of Hamilton Heights, has been in isolation at Bellevue since last week.

4th St. Hotel Refurb Delayed

JAMESTOWN-Major construction on the former Ramada on W 4th Street will not start until “early next year,” Mayor Sam Teresi disclosed during an interview Monday night.

Thus, he said, the refurbished hotel likely won’t open as a Doubletree Hotel until late 2015 or early 2016.

Teresi said examination of the structure revealed unexpected problems. Buffalo’s Hamister Group owns the property and announced the Doubletree flag in late June.

View of proposed Jamestown Doubletree from Cherry Street. Opening is expected in the summer of 2015. Image from Hamister Group.

View of proposed Jamestown Doubletree from Cherry Street. Opening is expected in the summer of 2015. Image from Hamister Group.


Pagan New City Councilman


New Third Ward Councilman, Rev. Alfonso Pagan, takes the oath of office administered by City Clerk Jim Olson.

JAMESTOWN- Rev. Alfonso Pagan will represent the city’s Third Ward, replacing Tamara Dickey who resigned. Pagan was unanimously approved by city council Monday night.

VIDEO: Raider Band’s Triumphal Return


SYRACUSE-The JHS Red Raider Marching Band will return home Monday afternoon as Large School Division 2 champions , according to Cathy Panebianco, JPS Communications Director in an email to Sunday night.

Panebianco said the band finished first earlier today in the field band competition at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

JHS band members are expected Monday, 5 p.m., at Jefferson Middle School.

Cuomo Caves On Ebola-NY Times

ALBANY-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Ebola quarantine policy, coordinated with New Jersey, lasted just two days, according to the digital New York Times. NY’s new policy will be more like Federal measures, according to the Times, which reported President Obama applied pressure to get the policy change.

Now returning visitors to certain African nations will face a combination of self monitoring along with unannounced visits to their homes for a 21-day period.

New Jersey is continuing the more stringent measures announced two days ago, the Times reported.


Reed: Our Choice For Congress

While most political advertising is not worth intelligent attention, we happen to agree with Tom Reed’s campaign claim that Martha Robertson “is too liberal for western New York.”

Indeed. And it can be added: too immature. Robertson’s ambition to unseat Reed as representative from New York 23 has caused her to show a distinct lack of judgment. At one point her ads wondered if Reed wasn’t a bit too portly to hold the position. Ridiculous.

We endorse Reed, not because his record is particularly distinguished, but rather because his opponent is clear about her belief in ever larger government, and limitless spending. She is what is now, rather mistakenly, called a “liberal.” Actually she is part of a political class that believes the Federal government can craft an answer for virtually any problem, history not with standing.

Here’s an example from candidate Robertson’s web site: ” … climate change is real and here to stay. It’s not a “debate.” It’s already hurting people and costing our economy billions. Incidents of extreme weather have increased, such as the recent floods here in our district, we have severe droughts in the West, and new invasive species are encroaching on our farms.” This is nonsense. Is there any evidence that the political class, mostly trained in law school, can affect the earth’s climate? As for extreme weather the US has been notably free of hurricanes for the past few years.

A trip to Robertson’s campaign website also will demonstrate most of her “talking points” are merely negative advertising aimed at Reed.

Robertson has a record…as a Thompkins County Legislator. Here’s just one example of her “hey, it’s not my money..” voting: “Among the new expenditures for renovation included a “custom built walnut veneered desk,” cost $110,000, as well as another $58,000 in furnishings [Andrew Casler, “$1.2M Price Tag” The Ithaca Journal, 7/13/13]”

And so on and so forth. WNY simply can’t afford national politicians of the Robertson ilk. We endorse Tom Reed’s re-election.

Bills “D”feat Jets 43-23

EAST RUTHERFORD- The Buffalo Bills (5-3)  defense pushed and dominated the NY Jets (1-7) en route to a 43-23 victory. Jets starter Geno Smith was pulled from the contest after 3 INTs in the first quarter, and Michael Vick then took over.

Vick also threw a pick, but was able to provide the Jets with a brief spark at the end of the 2nd quarter, with 10 points scored behind the veteran’s leadership.

The Jets pulled within 7 at the half, but Buffalo regained momentum in the 3rd quarter with 2 field goals and continued defensive domination.

Offensively, Kyle Ortin excelled in the air with 10 of 17 completed passes for 238 yards and 4 TDs. The only blemish for Orton was the 4 sacks. The Jets were able to limit rookie receiver Sammie Watkins to just 3 catches, but he took advantage of the touches finishing with 157 yards and a 61 yard TD catch.

Two things to keep an eye on for Bills fans are the situation with the Bills backfield: Watch to see if RB Boobie Dixon steps up, and the number of three and outs.

Buffalo gets a timely bye next week.Meanwhile, the Jets have lost 7 in a row, and  host the Kansas City Chiefs next week at 1:00 P.M.

Local Section VI Playoff scores week of 10-23-14

Thursday,October 23th:

Falconer 35-Akron 21 (Chuck Funke Memorial Bowl Game)

Friday, October 24:

Jamestown 55-Lockport 0 (Class AA)

Southwestern 56-JFK 6 (Class C)

Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake 46-Lackawanna 0 (Class C)

Silver Creek/Forestville 32-Gowanda 14 (Class C)

Wilson 27-Allegany-Limestone 4

Dunkirk 22-Albion 20

(Chuck Funke Memorial Bowl Games)


Franklinville/Ellicottville 48-Portville 13 (Class D)

Randolph 49-Frewsburg 0

Panama 20-Westfield/Brocton 10

Saturday, October 25th:

Burgard 32-Fredonia 0  (Class B)

Cleveland Hill 24-Salamanca 6 (Class C) EXCLUSIVE:DA, “No Comment”

MAYVILLE-“Until this trial is over, I’m not making any comment,” was District Attorney David Foley’s brief reply outside his office Friday afternoon when asked which of the three Skinner double murder plea deals was retracted as first and exclusively reported by chaucat-com Thursday.

Told that we had the information from an “impeccable source,” Foley would only say again, “I’m not making any comment.”

A walk over to the Public Defender’s office brought this response from Jim Pellatter, “We’ve not been given any information.”

“I have no information, nor would I comment,” Pellitter, part of Davide Coggins defense team, added. Coggins is charged with, among other things, two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Gordon and Joyce Skinner early April 17, 2013 in their Town of Carroll residence.

NYC MD Has Ebola-NY Times

Update: There are confirmed reports that Dr. Spencer was socially very active before becoming symptomatic. He rode in cabs, the subway and went bowling Wednesday night.

NEW YORK – A doctor recently returned from Africa is in isolation after testing positive for Ebola, according to the digital edition of the New York Times late Thursday.

Dr. Craig Spencer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, and health care workers are attempting to trace people he contacted during the past days, according to the report.

3rd Meth Bust In 24 Hrs!

JAMESTOWN-A third raid in less than a day’s time was conducted by police at an alleged methamphetamine source at 115 Wilton Ave. Thursday.

ONE SKINNER PLEA DEAL RECANTED! can exclusively report that one of the three plea deals in the murder of Gordon and Joyce Skinner has been recanted! This is from a reliable source.

However, that source would not reveal, for the time being, which of the three-McCormick, Todd or Knickerbocker, has chosen to set aside his plea agreement.

McKinley Ave House Burns Down


County Budget Passes 19-0

MAYVILLE-County Exec Vince Horrigan must sign it, and then the Chautauqua County 2015 budget will be completely official after the legislature gave a 19-0 unanimous thumbs up to the document Wednesday evening.

The evening meeting was a short one following an afternoon session mandated by the requirement of two separate public hearings for the fiscal-year budget.

According to the resolution the property tax levy next year will be $62,790,611 and the tax rate will be $9.14 per $1,000 of full value.

The tax rate proposed by County Executive Vince Horrigan was $9.17 per $1,000; changes to the plan dropped the rate, according to legislature majority leader Dave Himelien(R-Dist. 18) interviewed following the twenty-minute session.

O’Connor Threatened With Arrest By JPD-News/Opinion/Analysis-Exclusive Video


Taken from the corner of Sixth and Lafayette where I was sent by JPD. Note neighbors weren’t shooed even though they were much closer to the activities. Were they too in the invisible crime scene? Lesson: Don’t ask any questions.

JAMESTOWN-Begin please by looking at the image of the delineated crime scene at 607 Lafayette St.(below) That yellow tape is the way police investigators protect evidence and collect artifacts related to an alleged crime.

I have never crossed the yellow tape line for any reason, and I didn’t Wednesday evening when I strolled from my car to take a picture of the crime scene.

“Hey you,” a JPD officer shouted. “You’re in the crime scene.” Somewhat taken aback, I turned and informed the young man that I was media, taking a picture and beg pardon was not in or on the crime scene. Then Lt. Paul Abbott said I was in jeopardy of being arrested. I informed the lieutenant that I went to law school and acting pro se would file a civil suit if arrested.

I also asked if I was supposed to be a mind reader, and discern where the crime scene really was since I hadn’t crossed the marker of police jurisdiction indicated plainly by yellow tape.

I was told to go to the corner, which I did, noting that many neighbors were not being stopped from observing the action from a closer vantage point. (See image.)

If it turns out the suspects were making something illegal on the sidewalk, I stand corrected. Or, perhaps the yellow tape is in short supply and they used it all up.

Lt. Abbott knows me. A simple, “Hey Dave, we’re busy here. Please move away,” would have worked perfectly. Update: Note the P-J has an image of 607 Lafayette St. taken from about the same place I took mine.


Update: JPD reports Beau Jones,30,607 Lafayette St. and Richard Dean, 38, 238 Forest Ave. are in jail as the result of the Wednesday evening raids.

JAMESTOWN-Yellow tape surrounds 607 Lafayette St., the scene of an apparent meth lab bust.

There’s a similar scene at 238 Forest Ave. No audio.

Video from both locations available only here on TheCAT with Dave O’Connor reporting and Justin Gould behind the camera.


A variety of equipment in front of 607 Lafayette St., scene of an alleged drug operation. A NYSP vehicle blocked access from Sixth to Lafayette when the raid began about 6:30 p.m. according to neighbors.


Yellow crime scene tape (See related article) set up around alleged meth lab.

Prescription Drug Arrest In Hanover

From the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office:

HANOVER- Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Deputies on patrol report a driver allegedly committed  multiple traffic infractions on Alleghany Road in the Town of Hanover Tuesday shortly before 2 p.m. The operator was identified as Jessica L. Lawrie, 27, of Irving.

Lawrie was charged with operating the vehicle while her New York driving privileges were suspended. Further investigation found that Lawrie was allegedly in possession of a quantity of Suboxone strips, narcotic pills, and prescription controlled substances in improper containers.

Lawrie was charged with 2 counts of criminal possession of controlled substance 7th degree, aggravated unlicensed operator 3rd degree, possession of controlled substance outside original container, failing to signal a turn, failure to keep right, and no/improper seatbelt.

She was arraigned in the Town of Hanover Court, and remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail with bail set at $1000 cash / $2000 property bond.

Manning Sets Record!

DENVER-Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has passed Brett Favre for the most career touchdown passes with 509. The ex-Indianapolis Colts signal caller has three touchdown passes in the first half tonight against the 49ers, and 18 on the season. (Update: Manning tossed four TD’s making his career total 510 as the Broncos blew out the 49’ers 42-17 in the Sunday night game.)

W is for Watkins!

ORCHARD PARK- Rookie Bills receiver Sammy Watkins was hit for a 2 yard TD pass from quarterback Kyle Orton in the final seconds, and the Bills (4-3) pulled out a 17-16 win at home over the Minnesota Vikings (2-5). The TD occurred as a result of a 15-play, 80 yard drive. Orton made  key throws on the drive, with conversions on 4th and 20 and  3rd and 12. A 28-yard reception by Chris Hogan set up shop for the decisive score at the Vikings 2. Orton overcame another mediocre day in which he threw an INT, had a lost fumble and was sacked six times for a 31-43 for 283 yards and 2 TD finish. Both TDs were to Watkins, who finished with 9 catches for 122 yards and the 2 TDs.  This marks Orton’s second last-second victory in 3 starts for Buffalo, who was forced to overcome injuries to Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in the backfield. The Vikings defense forced 4 turnovers, 2 of them when Buffalo had drives deep in Minnesota territory and the other two deep in Buffalo territory. Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went 15-26 for 157 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions in defeat. Minnesota has now lost its third in a row. The Bills will travel to AFC rival NY Jets (1-6) for a 1:00 showdown next week, while the Vikings will be on the road against the 1-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also at 1:00.


NFL Week 7 Scores

Sunday, October 19th

Buffalo 17-Minnesota 16

Jacksonville 24-Cleveland 6

Indianapolis 27-Cincinnati 0

Baltimore 29-Atlanta 7

St. Louis 28-Seattle 26

Miami 27-Chicago 14

Washington 19-Tennessee 17

Detroit 24-New Orleans 23

Green Bay 38-Carolina 17

Kansas City 23-San Diego 20

Dallas 31-NY Giants 21

Arizona 24-Oakland 13

Denver 42-San Francisco 17

Monday, October 20th

Pittsburgh 30-Houston 23

Thursday, October 16th

New England 27-NY Jets 25

BYE: Tampa Bay, Philadelphia 


Bills RB Duo Out

ORCHARD PARK- Bills running back Fred Jackson will not return after an injury to his groin occurred in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings.  Jackson, 33, remained down on the field after he was stopped on 3rd and 1 short of the first down marker. He was eventually helped up and to the sidelines by center Eric Wood and a trainer. Hands over his face, Jackson was taken to the locker room on a cart. RB C.J. Spiller was carted off with a shoulder injury. He has been ruled out (Update: Spiller broke a collar bone, and is scheduled for surgery Monday. Indications now are he will miss 6 to 8 weeks.)Boobie Dixon is the only available running back left for Buffalo.


Advertising: TheCAT Moves Forward

JAMESTOWN-Our full copyrighted name is after all The Chautauqua county Advertiser&Transcript-TheCAT.

The advertising part, we are happy to report, is coming along-and earlier than originally planned in our business model which expected a springtime 2015 start for more than a few ads.

We now are approved by Google AdSense and also our videos on YouTube loaded by Tween Broadcasting Network. In addition we are distributing our media kits to potential local advertisers telling, we think, a compelling story about the economical and effective opportunities offered at

So for those who have asked about the business side of TheCAT, it’s coming. Content first always-that is what brings page views and advertisers benefit.


Arrest: Forceable Entry In Ellery

BEMUS POINT- Lionel Wescott Jr., 26, Bemus Point, is charged by Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Deputies with making a forceable entry into an Ellery residence along Rt. 430 and shoving a resident in the home shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday.

Wescott is in Chautauqua County Jail without bail charged with 2nd degree burglary, 3rd degree criminal mischief and harassment.

Wescott allegedly forced his way into the home, shoved a resident to the ground and damaged property, according to the sheriff’s office.


“Rob” Taglianetti Is In Great Meadow Prison

COMSTOCK-Convicted murderer Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti is an inmate at Great Meadow Prison, a maximum security state institution north of Albany near the Vermont border.

Taglianetti was committed there in March shortly after receiving his maximum sentence for the shooting death of former Clymer school superintendent Keith Reed Jr in September 2012.


Sect VI Local Scores 10-17-14

Friday, October 17th

Jamestown 19-Orchard Park 0

Southwestern 17-Falconer/CV 3

Portville 42-Frewsburg 12

Fredonia 50-Dunkirk 48  F/4OT

Randolph 56-Westfield/Brocton 6

Silver Creek/Forestville 28-Catt/LV 7

Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake 50-Allegany Limestone 3

Gowanda 30-Akron 6

Saturday, October 18

Panama 7-Sherman 6




Update: Drug Raids Net 6 Suspects

JAMESTOWN-Six persons are charged after two drug raids Thursday afternoon. (See initial report below.)

Laura Dubois, 24, and Lawerence Gary, 45, both of Jamestown, were arrested along with Ollie Alford, 32, of Buffalo, at 108 Crescent St.

Torry Knight, 46, of Jamestown and Ervin Mitchell, 31, and Rayquan Brooks, 18, both from Buffalo, were arrested at 165 Barrett Ave.

All six face 3rd degree Criminal Possesion of a Controlled Substance charges stemming from about one ounce of crack cocaine found, police said, at each location.

In addition, Alford and Gary, both convicted felons were charged with possesion of a loaded rifle.

Police said the arrests were the result of an investigation of crack cocaine trafficking in the city by the Metro Drug Force which included JPD and Town of Ellicott PD.





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