UPDATE:Saturday @ 8:40 a.m. Village Board Member Debra Puckhaber said she has made a decision to not disclose what the Pacanowskis are accused of. She also said the state AG’s letter stated that in the AG’s view the matter was not criminal. Further, she is sending TheCAT a copy of the AG’s letter by email. Debra Puckhaber referred the still secret matter of Jim and Steve Pacanowski and the village fire department to the NY State Attorney General’s Office.

WESTFIELD-chaucat.com learned late Friday that Westfield Village Board member Debra Puckhaber’s attempt to get the NY State Attorney General’s office involved in the matter of Jim Pacanowski and his son Steve was rejected by the AG’s office.

Mayor Mike VandeVelde confirmed that the village was informed by letter that the attorney general’s office felt the matter was not criminal. The AG said it handed over the information to the NY State Comptroller’s office. VandeVelde said the village has not heard anything from the comptroller’s office.

NOTE: TheCAT will publish much more on this topic Saturday with an Opinion/Analysis/News piece.


From the New York Times digital edition the following, in our view, will narrow the polling gap between NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican challenger Rob Astorino.

Astorino was in Chautauqua County Monday and truly seemed unconcerned with his  30+ point gap in current polls. Did he know this was coming?

It’s very bad news for Cuomo especially since The Times is editorially a Liberal/Democrat newspaper.

Here is the nub of the NYT Wednesday morning bomb shell:

“A high-powered commission created by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to root out corruption in New York politics was hobbled almost from the outset by demands from the governor’s office, which sought to shield his allies from scrutiny, according to an examination by The New York Times.
A three-month review of the panel’s short life and sudden death found that the governor’s office deeply compromised the commission’s work, objecting whenever its investigators focused on groups with ties to Mr. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.
Ultimately, Mr. Cuomo abruptly disbanded the commission halfway through what he had indicated would be an 18-month life. And now, as the Democratic governor seeks a second term in November, federal prosecutors are investigating the roles of Mr. Cuomo and his aides in the panel’s shutdown and are pursuing its unfinished business.”



Image above says it all: “Welcome Back to The Pub.” On the right a lot of happy folks gather for the drinks and sandwiches the tavern has featured for nearly a half century. The decor is updated but still very familiar.

imageJAMESTOWN-The Pub has reopened after months of renovation following a fire late Sunday Jan. 5, which gutted the well known downtown tavern.

The blaze was blamed on a defective piece of electrical equipment in the North Main landmark.

Party Committee Would Fill Legislature Vacancies If Local Law Is Approved

MAYVILLE-Party members will appoint a county legislator to fill a vacant seat if a proposed local law is approved by the Chautauqua County Legislature.

If approved, the legislature would cede its power to approve any appointment to the district committee of whichever political party affected by the vacancy.

The  key part of the proposed local law reads:

“Any person appointed to fill a vacancy shall be a member of the same political party as the person who vacated the office and shall be nominated/ appointed by the district committee of said party.”

The proposed law will be considered at the July 23, legislative business session.

Had this law been in force, Chuck Cornell would have taken Fred Larson’s Dist. 12 seat; but Cornell was not approved by the legislature leading to criticism that the local party committee’s nomination was meaningless.

Blue-Green Algae Heads Up Issued By Health Dept.

The following is a news release:

MAYVILLE- Warm temperatures are setting the stage for blue-green algae blooms on area lakes.  The Chautauqua County Health Department urges all residents to be cautious when recreating in our lakes, especially if algae is present.  Blue-green algal blooms can be a problem because they can release a toxin, which at high levels is harmful to human and animal health if ingested.

Blue-green algae is actually a type of cyanobacteria that can form thick mats on the water surface resembling paint, and can range in color from gray to various shades of yellow, green, blue or brown. This is a problem throughout New York and many other states and proved to be quite significant on Chautauqua Lake in recent years and on our other inland lakes.

Christine Schuyler, County Public Health Director, emphasized that “the real threat to public health from cyanobacteria is when people or pets drink or otherwise ingest water directly from a lake where a bloom is occurring.  Lake water that is properly treated through an approved Health Department water treatment plant does not pose a risk.”  Schuyler went on to say that “swimming or recreating in areas where the water contains high levels of toxin can cause skin irritation and other symptoms to those with high sensitivity.”

Schuyler went on to explain “a significant amount of sampling and testing for microcystin, one of the most common toxins produced by cyanobacteria, has been done on Chautauqua and Findley lakes over the past three years.  The only samples that have been high were those from locations where significant blooms were present and the water was very unsightly.”

Sun Air Coming To Jamestown; Flights Start Oct 1

MAYVILLE- Sun Air Express will start offering daily flights from Chautauqua County to Pittsburgh International Airport starting October 1, Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan’s office announced Tuesday afternoon in a news release.

The new service on 10-seat planes starts October 1, offering four flights on weekdays and two each on Saturday and Sunday. The government has also ordered Silver Airways, another Fort Lauderdale carrier which currently provides services to Cleveland, to continue providing service from Jamestown to Cleveland airport throughSeptember 30, according to the news release.


JAMESTOWN-All available JPD sent shortly before 5 p.m. Hedrick and I will report more as we learn more. DO NOT go there. Weapons are reported involved by JPD.

Update at 5:13 p.m.- A large group skidattled as JPD cars arrived. No arrests reported yet.

GOP Governor Hopeful Astorino Blasts Cuomo At Lakewood Rod & Gun Fundraiser

LAKEWOOD-Rob Astorino, Republican candidate for NY governor, in a Monday afternoon news conference at the Lakewood Rod & Gun  previewed an attacking style campaign against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“It’s like a prison sentence,” Astorino said when he described living in a state that “is getting (its) head handed (to it by the other 49 states.”

“Are we winning or are we losing?” he asked making it clear he believes New York is falling further behind states such as Texas and Pennsylvania.

He derided Cuomo’s “Start-Up NY” as “the biggest joke in some time.” Astorino said the much-touted initiative allows the governor to pick “winners and losers,” as opposed to other states which provide a chance for any new enterprise to prosper.

The state’s Medicaid spending, about $55-Billion he said, must be curbed. NY’s Medicaid bill is equal to Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania combined, he charged.

Astorino condemned the SAFE Act gun control statutes: “It’s a bad law that doesn’t make us any safer.”

He also said he would favor “responsible” hydro-fracking in the state and would repeal the Common Core education program which he labeled “a disaster.”


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino during a late Monday afternoon news conference just before a Republican fundraiser at the Lakewood Rod & Gun.


Republican candidaate for NY Governor Rob Astorino pooh-poohed current polls that indicate he badly trails Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Two More Buffalo Men Charged In Fracas On Falconer; More Suspects Expected Soon

Levelle Jones, one of four men now charged in the July 1, home invasion at 188 Falconer St.

Levelle Jones, one of four men now charged in the July 1, home invasion at 188 Falconer St.

Jacon Hicks like all four present suspects faces a list of 22 serious charges stemming from crimes allegedly committed during a home invasion.

Jacon Hicks like all four present suspects faces a list of 22 serious charges stemming from crimes allegedly committed during a home invasion.

MAYVILLE-Two more alleged home invaders have been charged in connection with the July 1, rumble at 188 Falconer St.

Lavelle Jones and Jacon Hicks, both 26 and both from Buffalo, face the same 22 charges as the initial two men indicted by the Grand Jury.

Please scroll down to “What Do The Charges…” and “Two Suspects: Lads..”, both posted July 15, for a list of charges and an explanation of the sexual felonies.

Cassadaga Woman Killed In Auto Accident


CHARLOTTE- Thirty-one year-old Kelly J. Daniels was killed when her car struck a tree on Cassadaga Road Sunday shortly before 7 a.m., according to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies report that Daniels was operating a 2013 Chrysler 300 east bound on Cassadaga Rd, in the Town of Charlotte when she apparently lost control and the auto struck a tree. She suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical responders.

A passenger in the car, Michael A Priest,36, Cherry Creek, was flown to Hamot Medical Center for treatment of reported head injuries.

Cassadaga, Charlotte and Sinclairville volunteers responded with sheriff’s deputies, according to the report.

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