“Nobody called us,” JPD Chief

JAMESTOWN – JPD Chief Harry Snellings said he and the department have heard nothing “officially or unofficially” as of Monday night about a Federal grant aimed at augmenting anti-illegal drug trafficking in Chautauqua County.

Snellings said he learned about the county’s designation as a “high intensity drug trafficking” area from news reports.

The chief said he “was not in the loop,” when US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) announced money from Washington was headed here. This, he added, was in spite of the fact that city police have been part of numerous “arrests and incidents”- more than any other force in the county.

Schumer’s news release said the designation came because of “a disturbing uptick” in local Heroin use and drug-related crime.

Monofrax Union Workers On Strike (Video Report):

Orton replaces Manuel

BREAKING:Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone announces Kyle Orton will start in place of EJ Manuel at QB on Sunday.

RHI Monofrax Strike (Video Report):

Watt Happened!

HOUSTON–  Defensive End J.J Watt made another All-Pro play to help the Houston Texans overcome a mostly subpar offensive day against the Buffalo Bills, with Houston on top at the final over the Bills, 23-17.

The Texans, who are now 3-1, were down by a field goal in the third quarter, when ex-Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw his 2nd interception of the day in his own red zone

. The 6-5, 289 pound Watt then returned a deflected interception 80 yards to the house to put the Texans up 14-10

. The interception was his 2nd touchdown of the season, after scoring a 1 yard TD reception on offense the week before. That’s more than the likes of wide receiver Andre Johnson and running back Adrian Foster combined, with Johnson stuck at the zero touchdown mark.

Watt also was part of the heavy pressure applied on Bills QB E.J. Manuel, who finished with 225 yards passing, but all the while had 2 INTs and was downed twice for a loss of 5 yards.

The Bills defense also came to play, allowing only 37 yards on the ground.

WR Mike Williams had an 80 yard TD reception in the 4th quarter to bring the Bills within a FG, but was otherwise limited all day with just 2 catches for 84 yards and the touchdown.

Randy Bullock kicked a huge 50-yard field goal almost 5 minutes after the Williams touchdown, extending the Texans lead to 23-17.

Buffalo had one last chance, driving down to the Houston 15 late in the game before Manuel threw his second pick of the day, this time to Darryl Morris, securing the win for Houston. Rookie Sammy Watkins was limited to just 4 catches for 30 yards and a touchdown.

Bullock also had field goals from 55 and 41 in the second half. The Bills will once again be on the road in Detroit next Sunday, with the game starting at 1:00 on FOX. Houston will be on the road against the interstate rival Dallas Cowboys, with that game starting at 1:00 PM EST on CBS.

NFL Week 4 Scores

Monday Night: Kansas City 41, New England 14

Houston 23- Bills 17

NY Giants 45 -Washington 14 (Thursday Night Football)

Green Bay 38-Chicago 17

Baltimore wins in Steve Smith’s first regular season against his former  team, the Carolina Panthers 38-10

Lions 24-Jets 17

Miami 38-Oakland 14

Steelers stunned by Tampa Bay in the closing seconds, 27-24

Indianapolis 41-Tennessee 17

San Diego 33-Jacksonville 14

Minnesota 41-Atlanta 28

San Francisco 26-Philadelphia 21

McClelland Dies In Car Wreck

FRENCH CREEK- Brenda McClelland, 52, 10,336 Rt. 20, Ripley was pronounced dead on arrival at Corry Memorial Hospital as a result of injuries suffered when her car struck a tree early Sunday.

McClelland’s car was “heavily damaged” by the impact, according to investigating Chautauqua County Sheriff’s deputies who placed the site of the wreck at 9566 Brownell Rd. in French Creek.

Investigators responded to the accident at 12:41 a.m., and report McClelland was apparently east bound when her car went off the pavement then came back and crossed to the west bound lane where it again left the road and collided with a tree.

Clymer Fire Dept EMT assisted at the scene, according to the report.

Red Raiders End Canisius Shut Out Streak (VIDEO REPORT)

JAMESTOWN-Jamestown’s Red RaidersFriday night met the high powered Canisius Crusaders , losing 27-14. The first half was  Crusader domination, with Canisius’s running game the major force on offense with 340 yards.

Both Canisius first half touchdowns  came on the ground from one yard out. The  big Crusader defense was also a major force, forcing the  Raiders to turn the ball over twice, with the #49 nationally ranked Crusaders taking scoring advantage on the second turnover, a pick.

Jamestown also forced two first half fumbles, but could not take advantage, going three-and-out on both post-turnover possessions.

Canisius appeared to put the game out of reach in the third quarter with  another touchdown on the board to go up 20-0.  But Jamestown quickly came back into the game, with an 85 yard run for a score, and at the end of the quarter, would score another touchdown from a forced fumble/fumble recovery from Devon Jackson, returning it 88 yards to the house.

With the score  20-14 and less than 3 minutes to go, Canisius put one more touchdown on the board, the game now being out of reach for the Red Raiders with a final score of 27-14.

Our Jamestown Red Raiders will go on to host Frontier at Strider Field next week at 7 PM.

Rite Aid Staff Shoos Masked Robber

Image provided by JPD

Image provided by JPD

JAMESTOWN – Police are seeking a tall, skinny white man about 25 to 30 years old who attempted to rob drugs from the Rite Aid pharmacy in Brooklyn Sq about 7:20 a.m. Saturday.

Store employees told police the suspect tried to leap over a counter to enter the pharmacy but employees resisted and he fled.

Police say he was last seen wearing a green hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, a dark back pack and black and white sneakers.

Raider’s D Shocks Canisius With Turn Over TD To End 3rd! 20-14 Now

Raiders End Canisius Shut-Out Streak! 20-7 In 3rd

Game Time!


Lots Full- Traffic Backed Up To Foote Ave


Eric Holder Leaving US Attorney General Post- New York Times

Tony Stewart Not Charged

CNBC: Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Because of iPhone 6 Glitches


The iOS 8.0.1 update is no longer available after multiple users earlier reported serious issues with the new version of the operating system, one that was expected to fix a glitch with the highly anticipated HealthKit apps.

Apple confirmed to Re/code that the company is investigating the issue and has pulled the update.

Some Public Officials Won’t Talk To Us-So We Introduce “Happy Cat!”

Hi! I'm Happy Cat! I'm made of chalk!

Hi! I’m Happy Cat! I’m made of chalk!

No Charges Against Tony Stewart- Grand Jury

CANANDAIGUA-Race car driver Tony Stewart will not face charges related to the death of  Kevin Ward Jr. Aug. 9, during a Sprint car race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park as the result of an Ontario County grand jury decision announced Wednesday afternoon.

DA Micheal Tantillo said jury members heard a variety of testimony from some two dozen witnesses including two accident reconstruction specialists who described how Stewart’s car struck Ward. A number of videos and photographs were also presented to the grand jury, according to Tantillo.

Tantillo also revealed that Ward had marijuana in his system, according to a toxicology report.

Ward left his racer after Stewart appeared to either bump or cut off with his car as the two went into a turn. Ward’s car slammed a wall: he then exited, walked out on the track to confront Stewart. Stewart’s car appeared to “fish tail” and strike Ward throwing him several feet. Ward was declared dead at a hospital shortly after the accident.

Stewart may still fill a civil suit as a result of the mishap.

“…huge amount of trauma…”


JPS Board of Education view a presentation on the new Adaptive Educational Program Tuesday night.

JAMESTOWN- Sam Restivo outlined a school district with many needy students during a presentation on the “Adaptive Educational Program” for the JPS Board of Education Tuesday night.

Restivo described a jamestown schools’ student population with a wide variety of problems, mostly related to incompetent parents or parent, violence at home, drug and alcohol abuse at home and sometimes all of these and even no real home at all. “There are kids who come to school to rest,” he told the board members.

The Adaptive Educational Program is designed, he said, to deal with “a huge amount of trauma in our student population.”

In a slide presentation Restivo described the five aspects of Adaptive Education which essentially makes teachers surrogate parents. Asked following the meeting if JPS was turning into a place of surrogate parenting, Superintendent Tim Mains said all schools have the duty to act in some ways as parents to the students attending.

Restivo discussed students who have been raised in a violent atmosphere and bring to school “what they’ve learned on the street” and at home.

He described the tension between discipline and understanding that is a day to day challenge for teachers in particular.

Earlier the board approved a school-wide Code of Conduct that its authors hope will define boundaries for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Good News/Bad News: Response to JPS proposed Code of Conduct briefly shut our servers down

WebFaction our internet provider reported its service for chaucat.com was interrupted for about 20 minutes or so Tuesday because of heavy traffic. This shouldn’t happen as we pay for multiple servers to keep the site up 24/7. We apologize for any inconvenience, and have asked for an explanation. UPDATE: WebFaction said its servers for several sites went to “read only.” And what does that mean? Search me.

Our “Buttons” now are operating. Not perfectly, but pretty well lol.


JPS Proposed Code of Conduct-49 Pages Long-Public Hearing Tonight/News/Opinion/Analysis

NOTE: This piece now contains updates post-public hearing.  Updates are in italics. A separate report appears above.

JAMESTOWN-We do not doubt the good intentions of the author(s) of Jamestown Public Schools proposed Code of Conduct, but we do find it long and complex and simultaneously vague and overly detailed. JPS Superintendent Tim Mains called it “dense” in a news conference following the board meeting, and said “simplified” codes will be made available shortly. (A draft copy is available on the JPS website.)
We also understand school administrators desire to “put it in writing” in an era where Tort attorneys advertisements are as common as ragweed.

However, 49 pages? That is one long Code of Conduct. It is also complex: replete with roman numerals, bullet points, and a reference to sections of other codes here and there.

Here from Section II “Students Rights and Responsibilities” is an example of a single sentence that is at once complex yet vague:

  • “be given ways to express and solve problems, which cannot be solved by informal discussions.”

It might be a tad more clear if “provided” is used in place of “given,” and this is not nit picking. How do you give a student, particularly, say a sixth-grade student “ways to express and solve problems.” If a formal discussion is required virtually any student of any age or grade will be over their head as they deal with teachers and administrators. We asked about this, and learned a student would be offered access to knowledgeable adults to include teachers and administrators.

Complex? How about fingernails that are “safe and appropriate?” Perhaps the code seeks to prohibit fingernails that are long enough to cause a serious scratch or worse if they come in contact with another student. Again we asked about this and learned there are two concerns: very long nails and nails with “inappropriate words painted on them.” If so, why not say so. As written the prohibition is so vague as to be subject to a teacher’s or administrator’s judgment which will vary person to person.

The Fourth Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, is ignored by parts of the conduct proposal. Namely:

“Only law enforcement personnel, under the guidelines in Sections E and F below, may conduct searches that require a student to remove all of his or her clothing.” One of the guidelines is that the police have been invited by school officials to conduct such a search. While the guidelines also add other requirements, this without meaning to render a legal opinion would on its face violate a student’s right to privacy. As the Supreme Court has recently ruled, a search warrant is not difficult to obtain if there is probable cause for doing so even if it involves checking information on the cell phone of someone already under arrest. We quote from Riley California: ” In response to our questions about this board members emphasized the police would only be present if invited. However, in our opinion the question remains. We will research this further.

“But a search of digital information on a cell phone does not further the government interests identified in Chimel, and implicates substantially greater individual privacy interests than a brief physical search.” We add the emphasis to “brief physical search;” a strip search is not that. The law here is complex, we don’t mean to simplify it; but greatly doubt an invitation to police to conduct a strip search comports with a citizen’s right to privacy. Further, such actions will put the district in legal jeopardy of a law suit.

We hope tonight’s public hearing is well attended (Sadly, it was not.), and we will be there to report.


MAYVILLE-An occupied multi-unit apartment house on S Erie Street was the scene of attempted arson Saturday night, according to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.

Brenda D. Harper, 40, no street address given in Mayville, tried, according to the report, to set fire to the structure. Harper is jailed and charged with Attempted Arson 2nd degree  and Reckless Endangerment, 1st degree.

Deputies responded to a call shortly before 9 p.m., and after an investigation arrested Harper. The report does not indicate what was used to start a fire, if a fire resulted and if fire fighters were summoned.

Chargers High Voltage Offense Short-Circuts The Bills.

ORCHARD PARK-San Diego  (2-1)  quarterback Philip Rivers  found another weapon in his receiver corps Sunday while leading his Chargers over the Buffalo Bills (2-1)  22-10.

Last week, River’s main man was Tight End Antonio Gates, who scored three touchdowns.

Sunday it was wide receiver Eddie Royal who scored two touchdowns. Rivers completed 18 of 25 pass attempts for 256 yards and two touchdowns.

Fred Jackson scored Buffalo’s only touchdown on an 11 yard screen pass from quarterback E.J. Manuel. Manuel was 23 for 39 with 238 yards in the air and the touchdown pass,  but was sacked three times.

One reason the Bills scored just 10 points was an offense kept off balance by a very aggressive and quick reacting SD defensive unit.

The Bills did not have very many explosive plays in the running game like we are accustomed to seeing. Therefore, the rushing of the San Diego linebackers were able to apply the pressure onto Manuel to either take a sack or run for a minimal gain. Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller combined for just 59 yards. Yes, the Bills had a few long gainers, but their offense wasn’t able to continue to move the ball down the field.

A positive stat for Bills fans: Their improvement on 3rd down today. Buffalo, who entered the day 25th in the league on 3rd down efficiency at 33%,  went 6-14 (43%) today.

Buffalo is on the road next week at Houston for a 1:00 showdown on CBS, while the San Diego Chargers will host the Jacksonville Jaguars at 4:05 PM, also on CBS.

Bills Game: Exclusive Video


NFL Week 3 Scores

Your Buffalo Bills fall for the first time this year, 22-10, against the San Diego Chargers in a home battle.

Atlanta Falcons pounce the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 56-14 on Thursday Night Football.

Lions improve to 2-1 with the defeat of the Green Bay Packers 19-7 at home.

Saints win their first game of the year, with a final score of 20-9 against the Minnesota Vikings.

New England Patriots 16-Oakland Raiders 9

Baltimore Ravens kick a last second field goal to beat .Cleveland Browns 23-21.

Cincinnati Bengals 33-Tennessee Titans 7.

New York Giants 30- Houston Texans 17.

Dallas Cowboys hang on for the win against the St. Louis Rams 34-31.

Indianapolis Colts 44-Jacksonville Jaguars 17.

Philadelphia Eagles squeak by the Washington Redskins 37-34.

Seahawks win in the rematch of last year’s Super Bowl win against Denver 26-20 in overtime.

Arizona 23-San Francisco 14

Kansas City 34-Miami 15

Pittsburgh 37-Carolina 19


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Car Leaves Road, Hits 3 Vehicles Parked At Guppy’s Resturant

DEWITTVILLE-A driver lost control of his car and it struck three vehicles parked at Guppy’s Resturant on Rt. 430 Saturday afternoon, according to the NY State Police.
The driver of the errant car and his passenger reportedly were hurt.
Other details are pending.

2015 Proposed County Budget Coming Wednesday At Legislature Meeting

From County Executive Vince Horrigan’s office:

MAYVILLE– Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan presents his first tentative budget as county executive at the Chautauqua County Legislature meeting on Wednesday; a plan he says will keep spending under the so-called property tax cap.image

“One of the most important responsibilities of my position as County Executive is to submit a high quality, on time budget which produces the highest possible return on investment for county taxpayers,” said Horrigan. “The 2015 Tentative Budget focuses on investing in an offensive economic development strategy, protecting our watersheds, coordinating health care and substance abuse initiatives, privatizing our Chautauqua County Home, and implementing cost containment resources to target welfare fraud and rising public defender costs.

By using a portion of our available fund balance, it will keep the 2015 budget under the property tax cap to provide relief to our County taxpayers.” [Read more...]



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