Police A+…Justice System F

JAMESTOWN- It was Friday April 12, 2013 and JPD’s SWAT Team visited 43 Sampson St. Once inside per a search warrant they located “a quantity of cocaine,” along with prescription opioids and “a large sum of cash,” and…Rocco Beardsley, then 27.

Beardsley was arrested along with Kylie Reeves, then 20, who was watching a two-year-old toddler.

Both adults were charged with third and seventh degree possession of controlled substances. Reeves was additionally charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Police determined the child’s mother was not aware of the drug use and, regained custody of her young one.

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

Note: Published here March 26, 2015

JAMESTOWN-Four people are under arrest after a police raid on a suspected crystal methamphetamine operation at 600 W. 5th Street between Monroe and Murray Thursday night. (Note: Initial report of 6th and Monroe was incorrect.)

Arrested include Beau K.C. Jones, 30; Rocco Beardsley, 29; Brandon Smith, 29 and Aimee Hogg, 29, according to the Jamestown Metro Drug Force which along with the JPD SWAT Team conducted the raid.

Police report Jones was wanted for a previous meth-related offense, and now all four are charged with felony possession of a controlled substance as well as manufacturing methamphetamine.

Front entrance at 600 W. 5th St. following police entrance. Image by Ryan Hedrick, News Director, 95.3 The Lake and Kiss FM 106.9

Rocco Beardsley: A Look At The Record

JAMESTOWN-Rocco Beardsley, 30, arrested Wednesday afternoon in a raid on 248 Broadhead Ave. has been in trouble before.

Here’s a release from the U.S. Attorney, dated July 3, 2008:

BUFFALO — Jamestown resident Rocco Beardsley, 22, pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance. United States Attorney for the Western District of New York Terrance P. Flynn announced the sentencing — a term of 57 months in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. Following his jail term, Beardsley will have three years of supervised release. According to Thomas S. Duszkiewicz, who handled the case, Beardsley used a telephone to contact Adrian Wayne Yarborough and distribute crack cocaine throughout Jamestown Yarborough obtained in Buffalo. The Department of Justice reported the case involved ‘‘an excess of 4 kilograms of cocaine base or crack.’’ Guilty pleas were also entered by 10 additional co-conspirators.

Entire Uncut Drone Video From Chautauqua Amphitheater

For those interested in an unusual look at the Chautauqua Amphitheater we offer all of our drone video taken September 1. This video is copyrighted and may not be used whole or in part without our permission.


Stabbing Suspect Arrest Leads To Capture Of Wanted Brooklyn, NY Man


JPD Seizes 60 Grams Cocaine; 3 Arrests


Hedrick Assigned Street Reporting Duties At WIBW

No nonsense work space.

No nonsense work space.

Not enough space on the walls-put'em on the window sills. lol

Not enough space on the walls-put’em on the window sills. lol

TOPEKA-Ryan Hedrick has been assigned street reporting duties by WIBW AM 580, a decision that doesn’t surprise anyone familiar with his reporting for TheCAT.

Our friend tells us his first day went splendidly. Everyone welcoming, offering assistance if necessary and eager to see what he brings to this operation that has won numerous awards for its news reporting.

Chautauqua Amphitheater: Virtually Complete Demolition Will Make Way For Replacement As Early As 2017

Ryan Reports: First Day At WIBW AM 580

As a former broadcast type I can say this is exactly what you want to see when you've accepted a position way out of town. Prosperous, professional, well-established, big listenership.

As a former broadcast type I can say this is exactly what you want to see when you’ve accepted a position way out of town. Prosperous, professional, well-established, big listenership.

Toto. We are in Kansas!

Toto. We are in Kansas!

A serious operation. Been on air 87 years, big signal.

A serious operation. Been on air 87 years, big signal.

TOPEKA,KS.- Hedrick is now on staff with WIBW AM 580-lucky them.
After nearly wiping out on a wet road near Columbus,OH, Ryan mushed on and scored a very nice Jeep Cherokee as his rental ride.
We share some views of WIBW which looks like a very up-to-date facility:
Uh Yeah! Nice!

Uh Yeah! Nice!

Starflight Called To Falconer After Pedestrian Struck

FALCONER-One person was transported to WCA Hospital after being struck by a vehicle Monday night according to sources close to TheCAT.

The corner of Hough Hill Rd. and South Work St. Image: Matt Hummel

The corner of Hough Hill Rd. and North Work St. Image courtesy of Matt Hummel.

At 9:30 p.m. a call came in over the scanner that a pedestrian was stuck by a motor vehicle near the corner of Hough Hill Rd. and North Work St. in Falconer. The Falconer Volunteer Fire Department responded to the incident along with the Ellicott Police.

Our sources are reporting that Starflight was called for assistance and landed near Falconer High School. Although the subject was not transported via the air ambulance but rather Falconer’s ambulance with assistance from Starflight’s on board medical staff.

We do not know the condition of the subject at this time.