Jammers Are Back!

Dan Bylsma Named Sabres Head Coach

BUFFALO-Dan Bylsma was introduced as the 17th head coach in Buffalo Sabres history Thursday afternoon.

Bylsma last coached Pittsburgh, and won a Stanley Cup with the Penguins. The move had been rumored during May.

“Crack” Cocaine Seized, Three Arrested, Two Raids

JAMESTOWN-Early morning raids netted three suspects, so-called crack cocaine and cash Thursday.


Raymond Johnson,35.-Image provided by JPD


Vanessa Figueredo, 27. Image provided by JPD


Jason Johnson, 28. Image provided by JPD.

Jamestown Metro Drug Force and New York State Police teamed up to conduct the raids at 84 Falconer St. and 73 Grant St.

Raymond Johnson and Vanessa Figueredo were arrested at the Grant Street address after police said they found two ounces of crack cocaine and approximately  $1,500 in cash.

Jason Johnson at the Falconer Street location allegedly possessed some nine grams of crack cocaine.

All three are charged with 3rd degree possession of a controlled substance.

Logic And The Secret Six-News/Opinion/Analysis

Much moral outrage is certain as school taxes if this or another media outlet choses to name the names of the six JHS seniors who early this past Tuesday decided to rearrange and decorate the interior of their soon to be alma mater.

However, they already are well known, famous or infamous depending on one’s maturity or lack thereof. “Well known, really? Isn’t that a bit self-serving?”

Answer: No, definitely it is not. Consider who already knows.

First, and most importantly the Jamestown Police know. If no one other than the culprits themselves knew, JPD’s knowledge is the most distressing possible since they can and in fact have not agreed this was a harmless prank, but criminal activity.

But the circle is wider. Every member of the JHS Class of 2015 who cares to know-knows. Indeed, many have shared their knowledge on that 21st Century scourge of secrecy “the social media.” I like to think chaucat.com is reasonably quick to report, but when the story involves teenagers the hand on the “device” is indeed quicker than the eye.

So hundreds of kids know. It can be presumed at least some of their parents have been informed. Anyone on staff at JHS who wants to know ie everyone, knows and likely has shared the information.

The culprits’ parents know, and likely have sought legal advice.

Friends of JHS kids who go to school in other districts, and are curious enough to ask-they know.

Let’s not forget kids not yet seniors, but who were rightly curious about the mess they encountered Tuesday morning-they likely know, and too have shared the information.

What about recent alums? Yes, easy for them to find out.

This is all as it should be for what else did the energetic sextet seek, but noterity? Does anyone argue they hoped never to receive due credit for their daring escapade? Admittedly, reality is a bit more sour than their happy imaginings, but experience is like that.

And the Buffalo TV stations have fastened onto the incident so the circle of those wanting to know has been enlarged, greatly enlarged. Many of these folks know people who know, and will seek them out.

And yes we know. We cannot publish, we, if we chose to do so, can only re-publish what a great many already know.


EXCLUSIVE-Inside JHS Tuesday-Taxpayers Look Past Arbitrary Secrecy

JAMESTOWN-See exclusive interview below along with images of the damage.

imageimage Shown are images the public relations machine made up of Jamestown Public Schools officials and  their media cohorts would never willingly disclose to the general public which pays the bills, but is routinely denied anything but the insipid happy talk cranked out by district’s public relations department. image




Big Oak Topples; W 3rd and Lakin

Eyewitnesses said tree "just fell over." It happened about 6 p.m.

Eyewitnesses said tree “just fell over.” It happened about 6 p.m.


Six JHS Seniors Face Felony Charges; Alleged Costly Vandalism Spree

UPDATE at 8:37 p.m. Wednesday.  Two developments: The names of the suspects have been published in various social media. We will make an editorial decision soon on whether we will publish. Also JHS senior Kenzie Wiles reports that many of her Class of 2015 are of the opinion that the vandalism was “cute.” Ms Wiles however is not our source for the names of those involved. She did give written permission to both use her name and quote her. See also the unedited video interview with Ms Wiles in the company of her mother.

JAMESTOWN-Reported burglary and vandalism at Jamestown High overnight Tuesday has so far resulted in felony charges for six seniors, according to city police.

Police report the sextet broke into the school and then proceeded to spread “glitter” throughout the building, tampered with lockers and moved furniture from the basement to upper floors.

In addition to the burglary charges, the suspects are charged with criminal mischief and criminal tampering with other charges possible, according to police.

Police say they plan to charge the students as youthful offenders to protect their identity.

NYS Test Results: Forestville Water Safe To Drink

MAYVILLE-It may not be a gourmet item, but potable water provided by two wells for Forestville consumers is safe to drink, according to test results made public Wednesday.

The samples taken May 5, were tested for 148 chemical compounds including petroleum byproducts, herbicides, pesticides, inorganic contaminants and metals, and bacteria, by New York State’s Wadsworth Laboratory.

Residents are reportedly concerned by their water’s bad odor and discoloration.

Alleged Heroin Seized After Police-Car Chase


Juan Velazquez, 36, no address given. Image by JPD.

JAMESTOWN-“At least” fifty bags of alleged Heroin were confiscated and one suspect arrested following a car chase that ended  on E. 2nd and Stafford Streets early Wednesday afternoon, according to Jamestown Police.

Police report seeing a vehicle “operating erratically and at a high rate of speed” at Bush and Bowen Streets. Said vehicle refused to stop and was pursued until it struck a dumpster, according to JPD.

Suspect Juan Velazquez was arrested and faces illegal drug and numerous traffic charges.

JPD say this SUV was the object of a chase which resulted in the driver's arrest, and seizure of Heroin early Wednesday afternoon.

JPD say this SUV was the object of a chase which resulted in the driver’s arrest, and seizure of Heroin early Wednesday afternoon.

Happening Now: 5th and Main Accident

JPD and Fire on scene of an accident about 3:06 p.m.

JPD and Fire on scene of an accident about 3:06 p.m.

“Swinging” for Kallie

New swing set in Kallie’s in memory.

Scott Wynn In Custody; Charged With Parole Violation

JAMESTOWN-Scott Wynn, 40, is under arrest for an alleged parole violation. Wynn was the subject of a $1,000 reward after a video surfaced allegedly showing him knocking a woman unconscious.

Scott Wynn. A reward reportedly led to his arrest Monday.

Scott Wynn. A reward reportedly led to his arrest Monday.

Wynn was on parole for assault and burglary.

“No Cooperation,” JPD Says About N. Main Shooting Investigation

JAMESTOWN-City police investigating bullet holes in a vehicle on N. Main Street late Sunday night lamented the lack of cooperation from possible witnesses.

Police responded to the shooting incident in the 7-11 parking lot on the southeast corner of N. Main and E. 6th Streets, and  discovered a silver-grey sedan with damage from  apparent gun shots.

JPD question possible witnesses in 7-11 lot. Image by Ryan Hedrick.

JPD question possible witnesses in 7-11 lot. Image by Ryan Hedrick.


JPD cars flank sedan which was reportedly struck by bullets. Image by Ryan Hedrick.


No one was reported injured, but police say they so far have received no help as they seek to identify the shooter(s).

Blue Star Mothers Memorial Day Ceremony 2015

Serious Injuries On Gerry Ellington Rd; Two Helicopters Respond

Update: 2:33 p.m. Monday. Two people traveling in the auto are reported hurt. Police believe the car was “clipped” by another vehicle causing a loss of control.

GERRY-Two helicopter ambulances and at least three volunteer fire squads reportedly responded to an accident involving a car and a structure along Gerry-Ellington Road late Sunday. “Serious injuries” resulted, according to first responders’ reports.

Image shows damage along Gerry-Ellington Road following a reported multiple personal injury accident  Sunday night.

Image shows damage along Gerry-Ellington Road following a reported multiple personal injury accident Sunday night.

We Honor, Respect And Remember




Lake View Cemetary-2015

Lake View Cemetary-2015

101 Days Later: Post-Journal Reports Announcement Of August Cycling Event !

JAMESTOWN-Today, May 24, The Post-Journal published the “news” of a cycling tour circling Chautauqua Lake.

Since the event was announced by the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency on February 12, of this year we feel it is not picking on our beloved daily to label this information, 101 days tardy, as stale if not embalmed.

To be fair, the date has changed: It’s now set for August 29, rather than the 23rd. Also, disappointingly, it’s no longer called “The Brewmaker,” but rather the “Gran Fondo.” However, the event, the inaugural of what all hope will rival Utica NY’s cycling tour which is the inspiration for the local effort-it’s that which was news 101 days ago.

Scroll down and back a few pages. It’s all there. Sorry to be a bit snarky, but our daily newspaper would really benefit from local ownership. And so would the community.

Arson: Now Common; Ever Dangerous

Arson And An Old Place-A Video Feature Report

The Dykemen Gallery–Hollywood Costumes

Genitals Allegedly Exposed To JHS Students By Russell, Pa. Man

David Kuzminski-Image provide by JPD

David Kuzminski-Image provide by JPD

JAMESTOWN-JPD credits quick work by the JHS school resource officer before the start of classes Thursday for the arrest of a man who allegedly exposed his genitals to several students along E. 1st. Street near the high school.

David Kuzminski, 53, Russell, Pa., was taken into custody and now faces a Public Lewdness charge, according to police.

CPS Says WCA Didn’t Report Nayla Hodnett’s Broken Leg

BUFFALO-WGRZ TV2 reports that Chautauqua County Child Protective Services was not informed of Nayla Hodnett’s broken leg by WCA Hospital as presumably required by legal protocol.

Shortly after 16 and a half month-old Nayla Hodnett was murdered 13 months ago, several news outlets revealed the toddler had been treated for a broken leg at WCA Hospital several weeks before her death.

chaucat.com and our news partners 95.3 The Lake, 106.9 Kiss FM and Tween Action News, subsequently exclusively reported CPS was aware of apparent child abuse involving both Nayla and her older half-brother Ezra.

Ezra, for example, required treatment for opiod ingestion at Buffalo’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital while Nayla was in her mother’s womb; and after Nayla was born both children failed to thrive as normal, causing concern at Child Protective Services which, among other things, provided parenting classes for the children’s mother, Angel Hodnett, and her then boyfriend, Tyler “Cash” Perez.

Spink’s Body Recovered From Lake; Fisherman Went Missing A Week Ago

BEMUS POINT-Bemus Point fire volunteers report recovering the body of David Spink,64, Varysburg, about 6:45 Thursday morning.

Spink was reported missing a week ago after he failed to keep an appointment with another man for a fishing trip.

Police found Spink’s truck and empty boat trailer at the Prendergast Point boat launch shortly after Spink’s family reported he had failed to pick up another man waiting on shore at Magnolia.

(See related reports below.)

Deserved Recognition For Foster Parents- Ryan Hedrick’s Keynote Speech

Ryan talks about the foster care system in Chautauqua County at a dinner for foster parents.

Winds, Heavy Rain, Monday Evening Cause Scattered Damage

Powerful storm knocks down trees and power lines Monday evening. Toppling garages and a car on McKinley near Prospect St in Jamestown.

US Supreme Court Ruling Likely Will Affect New York Income Tax Policy

A ruling issued by the United States Supreme Court Monday seems very likely to affect certain parts of New York State’s income tax code and policy.

The ruling basically said that Maryland’s income tax is unconstitutional insofar as it doesn’t allow residents to take full credit for taxes paid to other states where income was earned. This, the court said on a 5-4 ruling, amounts to double taxation and, further, is essentially a tariff, which is forbidden to the various states.

Early reports indicate other states, including New York and Pennsylvania, have at least some tax code that is essentially like the now forbidden Maryland policy. The key is full rather than partial credit for all income taxes paid out of state. Maryland was withholding credit on certain amounts paid to the city of Baltimore and counties in the state.

Estimates are that Maryland alone is facing $200-million in refunds and interest for taxes illegally collected.

chaucat.com urges anyone interested to consult a competent tax authority. We will have more details after New York based tax consultants have a chance to read the court’s opinion.

Jamestown Water Judged Best

JAMESTOWN-More than one-hundred people who chose to participate Saturday at Chautauqua Mall judged Jamestown’s city water best tasting, according to the Chautauqua County Health Department.

Jamestown competed with Mayville and last year’s winner, Frewsburg. All three use wells to supply their system with potable water.

Possible Arson Destroys 420 Falconer St House

What remains at 420 Falconer St. Image by Ryan Hedrick.

What remains at 420 Falconer St. Image by Ryan Hedrick.

JAMESTOWN-An interview with a next door neighbor who heard footsteps and then saw a flash indicates arson as the cause of a fire that badly damaged a vacant structure at 420 Falconer St. early Monday. The remains of the house were razed later in the morning.

Trudy Baker, 418 Falconer St., revealed the suspicious activity just before the fire. She evacuated the residents of her home without incident or injury as Jamestown Fire Department responded just two minutes after she phoned about 12:30 a.m., Baker said.

Spray Paint Vandalism: Foote Ave Extention

KIANTONE-At least ten homes and vehicles have been vandalized by spray paint along and near Foote Avenue Ext., according to police sources who are investigating the incidents.

Jamestown Walk for MS 2015