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Todd Absolutely Reneged On His Plea Deal; No “Misunderstanding”-None

"What? Great Caesar's Ghost! I edited the Todd report. It was correct in all details. - Opal (A.B. Harvard; Editor-in-chief of TheCAT

“What? Great Caesar’s Ghost! I edited the Todd report. It was correct in all details. – Opal (A.B. Harvard; Editor-in-chief of TheCAT exclusively published on Oct. 23, the can exclusively report that one of the three plea deals in the murder of Gordon and Joyce Skinner has been recanted! (Emphasis added.)

Today’s Post-Journal (Nov. 26, 2014) carries a report that some “media outlets” (i.e., TheCAT since it was our report.) were operating on a “misunderstanding” when reporting on the renege.

Checking the published record it is 100 per cent clear Todd did in fact break his  plea deal with the prosecution:

Here is WRFA’s April 22, 2014 report: “Chautauqua County District Attorney David Foley tells WRFA that 19-year-old Steven Todd of Elmira has pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree manslaughter and as a result, he will testify against the other defendants. (Emphasis added.)

“He pleaded about a month ago,” Foley explained. “We had been in negotiations (i.e.. working out a deal) regarding the potential of [Todd] turning state’s witness – becoming a prosecution witness – and we were able to work out a plea arrangement and he’s going to be cooperating with us now.”  (Emphasis added)

Plain enough, no other understanding possible than Todd gets a reduced plea in return for “cooperating”…”he’s going to be cooperating with us now.” How? “He will testify..become a prosecution witness,” that’s how. (Emphasis added)

Did Todd keep his bargain?-his deal? Did he testify? No, he did not. He reneged.

Wednesday’s P-J report quotes Todd’s attorney Lyle Hajdu about his client: “Todd never recanted his plea or changed his story, and that other media outlets reporting such were under a “misunderstanding.” Recanted his plea? Very different than recanting his plea deal. We never reported he changed or recanted his plea. Changed his story? Once again, we never reported Todd changed his story. In fact, we don’t know “his story” because he hasn’t told it publicly so far as we know.

Further Hadju admits, according to the daily, “We know the original sentence promised is no longer on the table.” And why? Because the deal announced last April in a variety of “media outlets” was breached when Todd reneged on his part of the bargain.

And again, according to The Post-Journal, DA David Foley said, “It was my option to either reinstate the indictment or proceed to sentencing.” Once again, no “plea deal” now exists.

JPS Behavior Woes-Video Report

FULL HOUSE! JPS B of E Workshop


28,661 Specific Views Of “Incident” Video

JAMESTOWN-As of 10:55a.m. Tuesday’s “Incident” video (scroll down for it.) has been specifically sought for 28,661 views on all our platforms including our Facebook page according to our site statistics.

This does not include thousands more who read and also checked out the video report. Nor does it include thousands (total) of specific requests for our print reports on Friday afternoon’s thuggery at Jamestown High School.

We report this not to crow about the number of our readers/viewers, but rather to offer good evidence that the community sees this report as “news,” not just a routine report about a shoving match or the mundane schoolyard scuffle.

“Incident” at JHS-Video Report

Mains Confirms “Incident”- No Comment- “Police Matter”

JAMESTOWN-Jamestown Public School Superintendent Timothy Mains late Friday confirmed what he termed “an incident” took place “at the end of the school day,” in a brief telephone conversation with Ryan Hedrick, News Director of 95.3 “The Lake.”

Mains said he wouldn’t comment further, because the school administration doesn’t comment on such “incidents.” He also said it is a “police matter.”

JHS Student Screamed For Help-Repeatedly Rammed Head First Into Locker

JAMESTOWN-A student whose name we have, but chose not to disclose because he is not 17, screamed for help as another student kicked him in the head and then opened a hall locker and repeatedly rammed him head first into the locker, according to multiple sources who witnessed the beating Friday at Jamestown High.

Teachers and staff separated the attacker, but not before the victim sustained a head wound and a possible concussion. has other reports, but because of their sensitive nature is seeking additional witnesses to verify them. Ryan Hedrick of 95.3 The Lake contributed to this report. Hedrick reached out to JPS public relations before 5 p.m. Friday, but as of late Friday night has received no response. Note: Hedrick did hear from Mains shortly after this was posted.





Updated Saturday at 11:57 p.m.

Updated at 5:11 p.m. See second paragraph.

JAMESTOWN-One person was reportedly taken to WCA Hospital with a head injury of undetermined seriousness, and one other taken to city jail as the result of a fight Friday at Jamestown High School, can report based on a knowledgable source.

The injured student reportedly was badly dazed by at least one kick to the head, and was unable to answer when asked where he was. His head also was bleeding, and an eyewitness said there “was blood in the hallway on the floor and wall.”

JPD issued a brief report Saturday which said the victim is 14 years old, and his assailant 16. The assailant is charged with 3rd degree assault. will report additional details when we have them . 95.3 “The Lake”‘s Ryan Hedrick is also working this incident.




imageJAMESTOWN-Police are seeking a former occupant of a second-floor apartment at 854 Prendergast Ave. who may have suffered burns when an alleged methamphetamine cook went wrong Thursday.

Other individuals believed present in the apartment are also sought, according to JPD late Friday afternoon.

Fire investigators determined Thursday’s fire, which caused extensive damage, was caused “during the process of methamphetamine production.” Such events are known to be caused by the toxic and unstable chemical “recipes” for creating the substance.

Images Of November ’14 Storm

imageimageThese images taken Thursday afternoon by Maria C. Clifford-Special correspondent in Hamburg for TheCAT:


BJ’s Wholesale In Hamburg Has Roof Collapse

HAMBURG-BJ’S Wholesale on Milestrip Road is “closed indefinitely” because of a storm-related roof collapse, a spokesman at the store confirmed Thursday afternoon to

Also, can confirm a roof collapse at Schmidt’s Collision and Glass on Lake Street in Hamburg.

Businesses Roofs Collapsing In Erie County!

Polanski New County Home Administrator

MAYVILLE – Aaron Polanski is the choice to be Administrator of Chautauqua County Home, according to the office of county executive Vince Horrigan in a Thursday media release.

Polanski currently is Administrator of Record for Seneca Healthcare Center, a post he has occupied the past three years.

Seinfeld Will Headline Here!

JAMESTOWN-Rumored-now confirmed: Jerry Seinfeld here  next summer headlining Lucyfest in the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena.

August 1, is the scheduled date and two performances are planned. (We briefly had a report posted with an incorrect date. We regret the error.)

16″ To 25″ More In North County!

Update Friday, 5:55 p.m. The Thruway has repoened.

DUNKIRK, FREDONIA, SILVER CREEK-Sixteen to 25 inches of more snow is forecast across northern Chautauqua County Thursday and Friday by the National Weather Service.Radar images as of 11 a.m. Thursday show heavy snow falling across the northern county.

Travel continues to be difficult and there is a ban on travel in the city of Dunkirk. UPDATE: As of 11:20 a.m. there is a travel ban in the Village of Silver Creek, according to Sheriff Joseph Gerace.

Dangerous Weather Along Lake Erie: Snow Then Flooding

DUNKIRK, FREDONIA, SILVER CREEK- Dangerous weather-blizzard conditions, piles of snow, -10 wind chills are forecast until warming starts later Friday changing snow to liquid so flooding is probable in some areas.

Currently (11:30 p.m. Tuesday), the worst storm conditions are found along the Lake Erie shore north to northeast on a line passing through Ripley  to Buffalo and Batavia, according to National Weather Service radar  images. Update at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday- Radar images now show bulk of the storm has moved just north of Dunkirk. Little new snow is expected in much of the county Wednesday, but 7-10″ is forecast in the north county Thursday. Travel in many areas is difficult, if not impossible. The NYS Thruway remains closed in WNY “until further notice,” according to the Thruway Authority.

Level snow measurements, according to the weather service range from 14-18 inches in Cassadaga to 30 or more inches in Dunkirk and parts of southern Erie County. Drifting, very common because of 30 to 40 mph wind gusts means reported four to six feet of snow in many areas. (See images by scrolling down.)

Warming is presently forecast to bring daytime highs into the low-50’s early next week, warm enough along with the rain also predicted to cause flooding in the areas affected last winter when big snowfalls rapidly melted. Silver Creek was forced to evacuate at least one neighborhood because of flooding early this year.



Chris Reilly, President of the Jamestown Teachers Association Tuesday night before the Jamestown Board of Education. Reilly was one of several speakers whose remarks received sustained applause.

Superintendent Tim Mains, right.

Superintendent Tim Mains, right.

JAMESTOWN-Jamestown Teachers Association filed a formal grievance Oct. 31, charging the “district (with) not giving support” on classroom discipline, according to JTA president Chris Reilly. He said teachers’ union reps met Oct. 20, with administrators to confer about classroom discipline, but felt the session was a failure. 

Asked to comment following the board of education meeting Superintendent Tim Mains said “teachers set boundaries in the classroom, the administration sets boundaries in the school.”

Following his public comments Reilly said JTA has not voted to ask for Mains resignation, but added that many members of the collective bargaining unit have expressed support for a resignation. Asked by Ryan Hedrick, News Director of 95.3 “The Lake,” about the question of resignation, Mains said such a move would be “silly.” Mains said his resignation would not change any student’s class room conduct or mis-conduct.

In a brief public comment at the end of the board meeting Mains said he, “came here to move the district forward.”

“We’ve been getting a whole lot better…we should not lose hope or expectations,” Mains commented.

The superintendent used “student behavior management” as a substitute for “discipline,” and said JPS is devoted to “social-emotional learning.”



Speaker after speaker received loud, standing applause Tuesday night during the public comment portion of a Jamestown Board of Education meeting in the Love School gym.( Image-Copyright The Chautauqua county Advertiser&Transcript-TheCAT. Fair use: Credit

JAMESTOWN-A variety of community members including the head of the Jamestown Teachers Association expressed deep concern about student misbehavior, student safety, teacher safety and the future of the city’s public schools during a board of education session held in the Love School gym Tuesday night.

The topics brought a vocal standing-room-only assembly to the school: Some parents present to hear a kids pep rally, but the majority there to either address the board members or support those who spoke with standing ovations.

Union Members Expected-JPS Bd Ed Meets In Love School Tonight At 7 PM

JAMESTOWN-The Chautuaqua county Advertiser&Transcript-TheCAT has learned from a reliable source that members of the various unions representing Jamestown Public School employees including teachers are expected Tuesday evening when the JPS school board meets in the Love Elementary School gym at 7 p.m.

Both TheCAT and 95.3 “The Lake” will attend the session, and report later this evening and Wednesday morning. Love School is located at the intersection of E. 8th Street and North Main.

Only Necessary Travel In North County

DUNKIRK, FREDONIA, SILVER CREEK-Both Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace and local police chiefs firmly advise against any but absolutely necessary travel from a line about five to ten miles north and northwest of Rt. 86.

As happened many times last winter, a big lake effect blizzard is running up Lake Erie dumping heavy snow on northern Chautauqua County, but largely sparing the southern county.

HERE IS THE LATEST FORECAST FOR DUNKIRK FROM THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN BUFFALO: “Snow with areas of blowing snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Some thunder is also possible. Low around 20. Windy, with a southwest wind 21 to 30 mph, with gusts as high as 45 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 11 to 16 inches possible.”

Meanwhile the NYS Thruway remains closed from the Ripley barrier to Rochester. Many vehicles remain stuck on the four-lane, some with occupants still inside.

Blizzard Images: Exclusive Here


Image courtesy of Colleen Clifford-View at about 1 p.m. Tuesday outside of my sister and brother-in-laws home in the Village of Hamburg. (UPDATE: AS OF 3:30 p.m. MY SISTER REPORTS “AT LEAST ANOTHER FOOT” OF SNOW IS ON THE GROUND.)


Image provided by Colleen Clifford. View about 1 p.m. Tuesday showing very poor visibility in the Village of Hamburg. See image above for update.

Thruway Closed; Many Stranded

BUFFALO-Many vehicles remain stuck on the NYS Thruway which remains closed to any new traffic as of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. The closed part of the toll road runs from Ripley to Rochester, according to the Thruway Authority.

Numerous wrecks are reported on the authority’s website.

Traveling North Impossible: Buffalo & Suburbs Hit Hard

HAMBURG-Buffalo and suburbs are virtually closed-shut down by lake effect snow that continues after dumping two or more feet of snow. My sister in Hamburg reported at noon that visibility is near zero and travel nearly impossible.

Buffalo’s National Weather Service issued a blunt warning against attempting to travel in the storm area.

Oh No! Wind Chill @ -5 to -10!

Yes, that headline tells in brief, what the Buffalo office of the National Weather Service is forecasting from later Monday through the week. Wind gusts up to 38 mph will combine with lower than average temperatures to remind us very smartly that winter really is here.

Lake effect snow is also in the forecast, but that, according to the weather service, is a bit later in the week so as always will keep a close eye on the latest forecast, and report to you.

Stay warm!

A Science Report


The rocket hit the Comet,
but could not sit upon it

It bounced you see
for lack of gravity

Oh! leetle anchors did no
deploy and grab in the snow

Now in a shadow it hangs out
While in Europe smart folks pout

Gun Investigation: Two Searches

JAMESTOWN-A gun investigation led police to two locations Friday: 442 Buffalo St. and 840 E 2nd St., but JPD released no other details.

Also the METRO unit used a search warrant on Rt. 60 in the Town of Ellicott in connection with illegal drugs. Again, more details are pending.

Todd Deal Retracted; Post-Journal 23 Days Late!

JAMESTOWN-The Post-Journal reports in Friday’s edition that Steven Todd, a suspect in the Skinner murders, retracted his plea deal with the prosecution-an important development first and exclusively reported by 23 days ago.

Somewhere in that paper, we believe, in its newsroom without windows, there is a placard on a wall reading: “Better Late Than Never!”