JAMESTOWN-Not only is Tyler “Cash” Perez vicious, he’s also stupid-a toxic combination. And, he is back where he belongs: behind bars.

This particular incarceration comes after the 34-year-old parolee threatened death to a female resident at 408 Willard St. Thursday.

City police say Perez told the  victim he planned to “blow your head off” while ominously holding an object in his pocket.

Perez is on parole with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a weapons charge, and cannot legally travel to another state. JPD has notified Pennsylvania law enforcement of Perez’ arrest.

Perez came to wide attention when the then Chautauqua County District Attorney, David Foley, chose not to seek his indictment for the April 2014 murder of Nayla Hodnett, a decision current DA Patrick Swanson has allowed to remain in place.