Jason Schmidt (left), Camille Hodnett (right) Image by Dave O’Connor

The following is a report based on an hour and a half interview with Nayla Hodnett’s Aunt Camille Hodnett conducted September 28, 2016, by Jason Schmidt, Republican-Conservative candidate for Chautauqua County District Attorney.

David O’Connor was also present because TheCAT editorially is committed to keeping this outrageous murder in front of readers until it is prosecuted. TheCAT believes Nayla’s mother, Angel, and her then live-in boyfriend, Tyler “Cash” Perez, both named as “persons of interest” by Jamestown Police did not tell all they knew.

JAMESTOWN-It was shortly before eight p.m. April 16, 2014, and Nayla Hodnett was only semi-conscious, gasping and spitting green sputum, according to her Aunt Camille who had rushed to her sister and Nayla’s mother, Angel Hodnett’s first-floor flat on Newland Avenue following an alarming phone call from the women’s mother.

Nayla was in the rear of her mother’s car, wrapped in a blanket and sitting in a car seat when her aunt arrived. She was taken to WCA’s emergency room and immediately given oxygen, then was transported to Women and Childrens Hospital in Buffalo.

Doctors at Womens and Childrens repeatedly asked Angel to explain her daughter’s numerous external and internal injuries. At first, according to Camille, her sister blamed medical personnel who earlier that day removed a cast from Nayla’s leg.

However, the doctors told Angel that some of Nayla’s hurts were at least 48-hours old, perhaps even older. They pointed to parts of the toddler’s intestines that already had become grey as just one example.

Doctors also noted that Nayla had facial bruises and a split lip, injuries hardly congruent with Angel’s suggested cause.

Finally, Angel would only say, “I have no explanation,” a phrase she uses to this day according to Camille.(Empasis added)

Nayla’s condition remained precarious overnight, her aunt remembers. Surgeons worked to repair damage to the toddler’s organs, but Nayla died about noon April 17, a death quickly judged a homicide by the medical examiner, the cause: blunt force trauma-the little girl had been beaten to death.

(Second in a series we will publish this week-the fourth year of what we hold to be a disgraceful lack of focus and effort to solve this murder by both police and the district attorney.)