Tyler “Cash” Perez was named a “person of interest” by JPD in the Nayla Hodnett murder in April 2014. However, no charges were placed and the murder file remains in the DA’s office.

The image above this article shows the Newland Avenue home where the murder took place; Nayla’s birth-mother, Angel and Nayla.

JAMESTOWN-TheCAT doesn’t doubt the good intentions of the many who investigated the fatal bludgeoning of Nayla Hodnett four years ago, but we deplore the lack of results, the official silence that allowed a cold-blooded murder to become a very cold case.

Sixteen-month-old Nayla was savagely beaten April 16, 2014, and died the following day in Children’s Hospital in Buffalo even as doctors worked to save her.

Immediately following her death Jamestown Police named her mother Angel Hodnett and Hodnett’s then boyfriend Tyler “Cash” Perez as “persons of interest.” A shocked community waited for the pair to be named suspects and then charged with murder. But 48 months later-nothing.

City police officials handed all the evidence to then DA, now county judge David Foley. It wasn’t enough, he maintained. Now his  successor Pat Swanson, though of a different party, apparently sees it the same way. So it remains an open case and  a cold one at that.

The failure to prosecute represents the greatest failure of Foley’s tenure, and Swanson’s stance doesn’t give reason for hope that the victim of one of the foulest crimes in Chautauqua County history will receive the Justice due her.

JPD higher ups never charged a suspect or suspects, and passed the buck to the DA’s office.

This week TheCAT will remember Nayla with a series of reports-reports we hope will renew official interest in finally bringing her killer or killers to Justice.