“Someone accused me of sex abuse and turned me in, and he is a part of – whatever. I don’t care anymore. My life is done.”

PERRY-Retired Wyoming County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Mlyniec for many years used his police power to silence his victims until a murder in March exposed his criminal alter ego.

Details about 60 year-old Mlyniec’s secret life are in documents obtained by The Daily News , the local newspaper out of Batavia. The information stems from the Wyoming County District Attorney’s investigation into the murder of Robert Irvine III, 32, March 7th.

Mlyniec called 9-1-1 from his farm at 5:42 p.m. that Wednesday and the dispatcher reportedly recognized the voice of the long-time deputy who retired from full-time work in 2008, but worked part-time until 2013.

When police arrived minutes later Mlyniec was kneeling in his driveway with hands clasped behind his head, and Irvine’s body nearby. It was then Mlyniec uttered the words above this article according to the arresting officers.

Mlyniec apparently was growing certain his criminal past was soon going to become public knowledge since state police interviewed him about allegations late last year, allegations they could not corroborate at that time, according to a spokesman.

However Irvine, according to investigation reports, told Mlyniec he was going to publically accuse him unless he either turned himself in or killed himself.