Alana Mae Overton outside Jamestown City Hall during the noon hour Wednesday. Image by Dave O’Connor

JAMESTOWN-Alana Mae Overton defended her husband Robert’s actions Wednesday during an impromptu noontime interview on City Hall plaza following Robert’s appearance in city court on charges relating to his killing a pit bull about four months ago. The accused was ordered back to county jail without bail to await an indictment. Overton has been held without bail since his April 5th arrest for aggravated cruelty to an animal.

Overton has admitted hanging his dog “Champagne,” but claims he acted to defend his wife and children from the animal, an assertion repeated to reporters by his wife. The accused claims the dog bit his infant daughter “in the butt” but did not draw blood and also attacked him on two occasions.

Alana, when asked by TheCAT  why Overton didn’t put Champagne on a leash and keep her outside until animal control or police could be summoned said the dog “was on a leash,” but couldn’t be placed outside because one neighbor had strenuously objected after a previous incident. However, Alana said the dog was outside on a leash walking with her husband when he made the decision to kill the dog because it threatened him. Overton, she said, did not want to bring the dog back in the house for fear it would hurt her or the kids.

Asked why Overton, who she described as “filled with remorse,” left the animal to decompose for about four months she said her husband “could not remember where the dog was,” and added that attempts to find the remains always were fruitless in spite of the fact the wooded lot where Champagne was hanged is nearly across from the couple’s  Palmer Street home.

Overton said she and the three children were asleep when her husband took Champagne to a small wooded lot and hanged the dog. She could not give a precise date, but did say it likely happened very early in the morning. Police estimate the crime was committed late November or early December.

Asked by TheCAT  how the dog was threatening her children while they slept, and how she would be aware of such behavior she said she relied on her husband’s narrative.