Autumn Scrivener following surgery at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. Note the belly incision where doctors stored that portion of her skull removed to provide access to her brain. Photo provided by three sources.

Banner across N.Main Street in Jamestown. Here’s an idea: Remove the kids from abusive parents. Image by Dave O’Connor.

This Clyde Ave. apartment rented to Joshua Berg was the location of the assault on Autumn Scrivener. Image by Dave O’Connor.

Mug shot of Joshua Berg taken upon entry to county jail. Image from sheriff’s office.

Autumn Scrivener, 3, was struck with such viciousness early Tuesday, March 27, that she suffered a severe brain injury and remains under medical treatment. Her babysitter, Joshua Berg, 28, is in the county jail charged with the assault. Autumn’s birth mother, Christina Scrivener, 29, has three other children, all living with their fathers or grandparents.

The CAT has spent the past two weeks gathering information from a variety of sources, cross-checking their stories, looking at reports and images. It is now our informed opinion that like Nayla Hodnett four years ago, Autumn Scrivener should not have been under the same roof as her biological mother. 

As with Nayla Hodnett, the “system,” a costly inter-woven bureaucracy, failed to protect Autumn by not placing sufficient weight on numerous facts and incidents clearly indicating her birth mother was, at the least, dangerously incompetent to care for a child. Joshua Berg’s record makes plain he never should have been left alone with a child.

JAMESTOWN-Christina Scrivener at age 29 is well known to Chautauqua County Family Court and various social welfare agencies including Child Protective Services or “CPS” as the agency is commonly called.

She has birthed four children, all girls, ages one and a half to nine, and all by different males. Three of her girls no longer live with her. However, their fathers were known and now care for their daughter or, in one instance, have parents who do.

Autumn Scrivener’s father is not known. A reliable source told this publication that Christina has named numerous males as a possible father but paternity testing has been negative in every instance.

Christina has lived in several apartments, and has been evicted for a variety of reasons, most commonly for allowing the premises to become unacceptably cluttered and dirty.

She was living on Thayer Street last September when Autumn, then two, was found wandering along E. 2nd St. Scrivener was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, but, according to two sources, had custody of Autumn just a few days later after CPS investigated. One source told us Christina was allowed to continue to be Autumn’s caregiver after pledging to seek a new, clean residence and take parenting classes. She did move, but we were unable to confirm she took and completed parenting instruction.

A form “1034” complaint about Scrivener was filed with CPS last Halloween. We have viewed some of the paperwork associated with that incident, but not enough to reliably report the eventual outcome.

Other children who lived with her for a time when their fathers stayed with Christina uniformly testified that she frequently lost her temper, “screamed a lot,” and often struck her own two children she then had living with her.

So, CPS had a perfect opportunity to remove Autumn last year after she was found wandering on E. 2nd Street. At that time she had already lost custody of three of her four children. She had been visited by CPS many times. Finally later on, she was sharing a roof with Joshua Berg, a man with a record that included possession of methamphetamine.

The images posted with this report are ample evidence that CPS failed to protect Autumn Scrivener even as the agency failed to protect Nayla Hodnett four years ago.