MAYVILLE -Official
 2018 voter registration enrollment totals 76,447 for Chautauqua County, and for the first time since 2008, there are more registered Republicans in the county than Democrats according to the Board of Elections in a Friday announcement.
“Pursuant to New York State Election Law, official voter registration totals are established statewide and county-by-county on April 1st. These enrollment totals are used to determine the number of signatures any candidate might need to run for office and to gain access to the ballot.”
“The official county enrollment numbers are: Republican, 25,775 (34%); Democratic, 25,235 (33%); Independence, 4,673 (6%); Conservative, 1,892 (3%); Working Families, 439 (1%) ; Green, 187; Women’s Equality, 30; Reform, 28; Other, 96; and Non Affiliated, 18,092 (25%) .”
“Two thirds of all county voters see themselves as either a Democrat or Republican and a quarter of all voters choose to affiliate with none of the political parties,” pointed out Democratic Election Commissioner Norman P. Green.
“One thing is for sure,” said Republican Election Commissioner Brian C. Abram, “our enrollment totals make it clear that any political candidate of any affiliation can win if they mount the right campaign at the right time.”